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Iriminage Question

Hello everyone! I pray that you are all having a very merry Christmas!

I have a question about iriminage. The question is about the direction that I should throw in.

I have been to two classes and studied the iriminage done by each. One of the teacher's , my regular sensei, is a shodan. The other is a 6th degree shodan.

In my regular class, I have done the entering motion just fine and I get the head going up. While doing all of this, I follow my fingers the whole way through and place my outside hand on the back of uke to keep uke from moving out of the throw. Up to this point I am fine.

However after this, I throw uke to my inside. I am sorry for my poor word choice but it is hard to describe. I watched but the sensei and 6th degree shodan throw uke to the inside, more or less to the side of tori whose hand is placed on the back of uke. I have watched carefully and seen them do this several times.

When I do the technique the same way as I believe I have seen it, I feel a lot of power in the throw and it is very easy to throw the person.

However a student that has been doing Aikido for a few months more than me told me I was wrong and that I hould throw uke to the outside because if I don't, uke can drag me down with him. After watching this, the sensei agreed with him.

However when I did the technique the way that they suggested, I felt little if no power in the throw meaning it was much more difficult for me to throw the person because there is little or no twisting motion of the hips the way they told me to do it.

More over, When I am Uke, I have a bad habbit of grabbing on to Tori when I am being thrown. It is my natural reflex. Thus saying this, No matter what technique you do, their is potentional to be grabbed and brought down with the throw. However this is why having a good posture in Aikido is so vital to the art.

When the Student tried to take me down when doing iriminage the way in which he said I was doing it wrong, he tried to take me down but couldn't because my posture was as it should be.

What I want to know is if you believe I am doing it wrong and if I am, how can I make it easier to throw him. The way I orginally did it, I had no problem throwing people and allow they said I could be brought to the ground, when they tested it they couldn't bring me down because of my posture.

What do you guys think?

Again, Merry Christmas!!!!

God Bless you!
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