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Re: Training at Hombu - is it worth it?

First, thanks to all who have offered their thoughts, publicly and privately. The response is much more than I hoped for, and highly intriguing. When it comes time to make my move, I'll have a lot of leads to check out.

Second, let me vigorously agree with Mr. Goldsbury. My desire in starting the thread was to get some first-hand impressions and knowledge. I'd already heard second hand accounts decrying the training at Hombu, but I wanted, as I said in my first post:

Really, what I'm seeking is people with personal experience training there, to give me a bit of perspective, to better make any future decision.
FWIW, I was in Tokyo last weekend with extra time on my hands, so I took the opportunity to participate in a beginners' class at Hombu. I left with some concerns, but I'm certainly not going to judge the whole dojo based on the one class. I look forward to trying some different classes when next I have the opportunity!

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