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Re: Training at Hombu - is it worth it?

Brad Medling wrote:
I can only relay what I was told by someone highly ranked and respectable in the aikido world. I was told that training at Hombu dojo was not all it was cracked up to be. Is this true? I have no idea!

I was told that the Doshu was more of a buisness man now and that aikido in america was more powerful/brutal. This could be a sham and something that the person relaying this to me felt like saying for reason peculiar to him but, this would proviide a great oppotunity for someone to clarify this.

I suppose a good question would be is, "How does aikido in Hombu compare to that of aikido in the USA"?
I would not like this thread to generate into a discussion based solely on secondhand impressions. It is best to make a personal comparison based on hands-on experience. Thus, I cannot make any judgment about aikido in the USA since I left in 1975.

Attendance at the first Aiki Expo gave me no impression of aikido in the US generally, but I have practised often at the Hombu. However, I do not live in Tokyo and I do not train at the Hombu regularly. Thus my impression of training might be quite different from that of (a) a beginner who is beginning training at the Hombu and who is therefore establishing a dojo 'culture' based on Hombu training customs, and (b) a yudansha who has already established a training culture and is faced with that of the Hombu.

Like Bryan, I think it is best to base a website discussion on real experience and not on impressions gained secondhand.

Best wishes to all for 2006

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