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Re: Religion and Aikido

I started Aikido shortly after found Sufism(Esoteric Islam), Aikido definitely provided me with a good foundation particularly in the practice of ettiquette and many other priciples they are only different by degree not kind. When i'm at the dojo training it is like prayer because of the postures that we use are virtually identical to those in the Islamic method of prayer, ie Shizentai(natural standing posture) the standing bow,Seiza (sitting) and the seated bow.
Consider this:
"As long as people are alive, human relations is an important matter. If respect and affection towards others are lost, then we are just like animals. Hence, "bowing" etiquette is important. Just as the character [Chinese character] indicates, the left half symbolizes the "gods" and the right half symbolizes "a religious offering". In an agricultural society an offering was made to the gods at the end of the harvest as appreciation and to pray for further divine protection."
The Way of Seiryoku Zenyo-Jita Kyoei and Its Instruction
By Shinichi Oimatsu (Kodokan)
The Bulletin for the Scientific Study of Kodokan Judo, Volume VI, 1984

As for the question would Jesus Peace be upon him practice Aikido? Of course he does. Harmony of spirit is his way.
Peace be on you all,

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