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Well, it certianly has given me plenty of time to look closely at an alternate view of what Aikido is

I do get a chance to live vicariously through encouraging others to test , and I am relieved I could overcome the temptation to ignore my beliefs for a while in order not to give up testing.

I was thinking about why I enjoy it so much (other than my natural inclination to entertain) and I think it is because of my early testing experiences, something we all might not be aware of in our own dojos: it was after my first (12th kyu) test, which was essentially questions on ettiquette, sitting in seiza, standing in hamni and rolling, One of the more senior females came up to me as everyone was congratulating me (which was nice in itself), gave me a hug and told me it was a beautiful test, that my rolls were so round they were an inspiration to her to work on her ukemi (figure the odds that that was actually true). I always make it a point to mention something good from the test when I congratulate each testee after class, especially the beginners. I'm enough of a beginner myself to know we already are reliving every mistake. So in my somewhat primitive brain I associate testing with a very positive reaction from my classmates afterward. Who wouldn'[t want to test to get more of that?
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