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Training, Training, & More Training?

My first Sensei and many other Sensei along the way have told me that knowledge and progression in aikido comes through training, training & more training. I have come to discover over the years that this statement is very true. That is my problem, I'm currently training at a dojo where the head Sensei never trains. He teaches day to day classes, but when the group attends seminars or we have a high ranking guest instructor he does not train. I don't understand this, I'd think as a Sensei when you have this rare opportunity to train with these high ranking people you would take advantage of it. If not for your own knowledge, than for that of your students. To be honest I'm not sure what to do at this point because I feel as though my Sensei is stale. I respect and like him, but I and other higher ranked students feel we are not getting what we need to progress (I'm not talking "progress" in terms of rank, but rather experience in the art). We are not growing as Aikidoka. This concerns me because if he does not evolve (so to speak) as an aikidoka, chances are the rest of us will suffer for it. I'm eager to go to seminars and visit sister schools to get different experience. In fact I travel quite a distance to do this as much I as I can. At this point I just have to say to myself that the training I'm getting at my dojo is better than no training at all. I don't want to feel like that, but that is the situation I'm in. Anyone have any advice or been in a similar situation? HELP???
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