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Re: Poll: How helpful is visually examining techniques in learning aikido for you?

For Eric Simmons why stop training just because the world goes dark? Some thing like 90 percent of your information comes from your eyes. Aikido is no different with out sight, yes I have to make adaptations but unless you knew I was blind you would never know by watching me practice. I do all my throws dynamicly and I participate in the weapons class just like every one else, and my sighted class mates have as many problems in that class as I do. The only differents is that they know what a strate line is and hit it most of the time. Also Mr. Simmons why not teach a blind person, it is that atitude that push us away. And the trueth is if Aikido does not work I do train in Judo and Jujitsu so its over for who ever attacks me any way.
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