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Re: The Founder Morihei Ueshiba, a God?

My understanding is a bit basic and simple but I would like to share it anyway.
There is in history many examples of Prophets Messengers Saints etc who as a result of there sincere devotion to their God/gods have purified their hearts to such a degree that they become a mirror reflecting the attributes of their God/gods. For example Homma Sensei discribes after making some mistakes having to visit O'Sensei dreading that he was going to be severly reprimanded. This did not happen O'Sensei was Merciful Loving and Compassionate and he also gave Guidance on how Homma Sensei could act in a better way in the future. To me O'Sensei was reflecting Mercy an attribute of God in the monotheistic traditions or for the Japanese there would no doubt be a god (who's name I don't know ) of Mercy.Likewise he was reflecting the Loving Kind the Most Compassionate and the Guide. The Living is what is operating through us all when we are alive and breathing and as Aikidoka we know this attribute of God or kami as Ki. My personal belief is that all revealed spiritual traditions come from the One source and Unity from my limited knowledge is the highest priciple of both the Western and Eastern traditions. The Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him said "In the beginning there was only God and he remains exactly as He was."
Another concept that I find quite simple to understand is when Homma Sensei wrote:
" In Japan, according the teachings of its Shinto religion, when a person dies, they become a "god." So in this sense for the Founder to become a god after his passing is nothing out of the ordinary; in fact it is quite normal in Japan. In Japan, everyone becomes a god when they die."
I am trying to live the tradition of Sufism(Esoteric Islam) we say on hearing of a persons passing "From God we come and on to Him we return". So although the language is different in Western and Eastern traditions the underlying priciples are the same.
Peace be on you all Ilyas.
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