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Re: Meditation ... Advice appreciated.

Lynn Seiser wrote:
IMHO, its funny how when we get quiet, we hear and see things much more. Its like not seeing the stars or hearing the insects during the day, but being very aware of them at night.
This is something that I have recently noticed myself; especially as I try to find mini-meditative moments in my day. I am most often "outward" focused as many people are. I got weirded out when in these quiet "inward" moments I could hear ringing, my breathing, or even my heartbeat. I was concerned that something was wrong, too.

I have been learning to use these observations to help guide me. Usually, these pop up on a pretty stressful day and let me know to give a little more time and energy to my meditations.

As for techniques, I found a deck of cards that have a variation of beginnings (breathing, centering/focus etc), easy-medium meditations and then a few more long term topics that require more focus and commitment on my part. These have worked okay FOR ME. I like to tuck the card in my pocket and then periodically thru the day I notice the card and take my mini-moment and breathe (etc).
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