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Re: Meditation ... Advice appreciated.

Amanda Fear wrote:
I recently talked to a friend about meditation and why I prefer not to
practice it. Here's why:

When I finally 'focus' and clear my mind, there is a ringing sound, like I can hear sound waves almost, I don't know how else to describe it. It hurts my ears a little and I've tried ignoring it, just to get a headache. I can still hear what is going on around me, though my room is quiet I can hear into the next room, and what they have on TV too. Uhm, it wavers in and out, I feel really tuned into everything around me for a couple seconds then it goes silent and I hear nothing, then it starts again.

What is the ringing noise?
Am I doing this wrong or am I a weirdo?
Does this happen to anyone else?
Should I get someone to help me with it, because I've only done this on my own.

Also, my friend practices meditation in movement... uhm moving meditation, it is what it sounds like. Hard to explain, does anyone else know what it is? (I understand b/c he explained to me already but Im just curious if others do this too or know of it being done)

Also, what exactly is the purpose of meditation? I've heard a couple explanations but I'd like to hear more.
I get the ringing a little bit, too. Try focusing on your breathing. Make your exhale last as long as possible and make it audible (a whisper of breath, or maybe something like a hum). Instead of closing your eyes or staring at a blank wall, maybe try getting a piece of poster board that's a color you like. Stare at that and let your mind wander, and don't think so much about what you're hearing.

The purpose of meditation? For me, it's to make me quit thinking about things that tick me off. It's relaxing. I slow my breathing, and in turn, slow my heart rate. It helps me when I'm overwhelmed.

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