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Re: Techniques for Demonstration

Ilyas Dexter wrote:
I study Tomiki Aikido most likely Junana no hon kata(basic 17) would be my choice it contains Atemi waza(Striking)Hiji waza (Elbow)Tekubi waza(wrist)Uki waza(floating/leverage) techniques.
As far as principle goes my understanding is that Aikido techniques consists of three things posture movement and breaking balance Koryu Dai Yon Kata illustrates this beautifly. As far as weapons are concerned some maybe some sword to show that we are basically replicating various sword cuts with our hands in unarmed technique also maybe same self defense techniques from a knife attack.
Wow, haven't really heard someone mention Junana no hon kata in awhile. I used to study in the Jiyushinkai. I know I've done some of the Koryu dai yon kata, but can't remember any of it. I barely remember anything from the san kata.

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