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Re: Meditation ... Advice appreciated.

You can try having some suitable quiet music to block out sorounding noises to begin with. The method which i was first taught my also be helpful.Basicly get yourself comfortable either sitting or lying but try to make sure your spine is straight. Now focus on your breath breathe in for a count of four hold for two and exhale for eight hold for two then inhale for four repeating the cycle. Do this for say 5 minutes then change the cycle to in for eight hold two out eight hold two then back in etc. Again do this for as long is comfortable. If you really concerntrate on your breath it will be harder to be things going on around you and even your own thoughts. Once you get used to this try to become aware of yourself that is little fingers and little toes and everything in between this something that we are all are trying to achieve both in movement and stillness as we progress in our Aiki[b][u]DO. As you finish spend a few moments focusing on your heart and maybe God willing you may gain a deeper understanding of that ringing in the ears. I once was sitting in a talk being given by a Sufi(Islamic mystic) and he was talking about spiritual states and phenomina and he was speaking about ringing in the ears as being a form of communication from the spiritual realm and my ears started ringing almost immediately. Any way sister try not to be discouraged from the practice of meditation because it is one of the best activities anyone can do particularly in the world that we now live. Seek advice from those who know, start with your Sensei then maybe look for a meditation centre that is attatched to one of the worlds many spiritual traditions even when focusing on the heart and with complete awareness and sincerity ask God or what ever is the highest priciple for you. I wish you all the best. Peace.
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