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Re: Japanese "Ki," Chinese "Chi"

Dan Harden wrote:

I was recently shown this pelvic and dividing work was in fact- a silk reelling exercise
Maybe the standing kokyu-dosa is a silk reeling exercise.

I think this description is better than any I've got from any Aikido instructors. If I can find a good tai-chi or qi gong master in my area, I'll switch right away.

"In combat the Silk Reeling contains both Yin and Yang aspects. In Yin ("female") mode it can be used to dissipate and neutralise the force of an incoming opponent by "turning it into an empty place."

When Silk Reeling Skill is used in Yang ("male") mode the spiral movement "collects" muscle force from around the whole body by means of a sort of rising "shock wave" that rides on top of normal body movement. It is first dropped down from the dantian (diaphragm area) to the legs then "bounced" back up the body with additional energy added by untwining the torso as the "wave" rises. Finally this force is "discharged" in the extremities of the body (fist, elbow, shoulder) on contact with an opponent in a frightening pulse of concentrated momentum.

Often both Yin/Yang aspects are combined so that the force of an incoming opponent is "re-vectored." In other words the Silk-Reeling can be used to "rebound" the force of an incoming opponent back upon himself. The faster the attack the faster the rebound - much like objects thrown at a fast spinning top."
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