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Re: Poll: How helpful is visually examining techniques in learning aikido for you?

Eric Simmons said, "....That may seem insensitive to some, but to me it's realistic. If I were to go blind today, I would stop training."

Don't stop training!!!!! Take your aiki rear and get thou to a judo school. Judoka will politely grip your collar and arm, and then beat you senseless. A nice bunch of people really. Being an old judoka, I frequently close my eyes to feel technique. Don't you close your eyes when you do kokyu tanden ho exercise? Try it!

It is amazing to me that we are wired to know when others are attractive, techniques look good, and we have consensus about these observations. When I watch Sensei I imagine doing the movements - this imagining process really works. Visualization is not just about whirled peas - it is an important part of training for me.

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