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Michael Meister
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Re: Techniques for Demonstration

It depends, what you want to do. If you like to interest people in doing Aikido, joining your dojo, show them what beginners do, and how it does evolve in the end. Basically that's what our demonstrations before a new beginners course are like. Of course you can try to show some of the principles of Aikido, as they are part of the techniques, but I don't think you'll be making much of a point there. That's a part of Aikido, you have to feel. But a good idea might be to show, how techniques can be adjusted to the ability of uke (for example kote gaeshi opened up, so ushiro ukemi gets possible in contrast to kote gaeshi with breakfall).
People like to see the tenchi nages, the weapons, breakfalls (who doesn't like a good show). But if you don't show them what the way to get there looks like, they get easily disappointed when they start practicing (some still will be anyway).
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