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Re: Poll: How helpful is visually examining techniques in learning aikido for you?

When I trained in a "watch then duplicate" environment I found it very hard to learn anything. I may have gotten a bit better at this recently but only because I have learned to quickly describe to myself, in words, what I am seeing. If the technique is too unfamiliar for this to work, you can show it to me twenty times and I will still be clueless.

Interestingly, the "watch then duplicate" dojo had a blind student who reached shodan level. They normally avoid verbal description and the variant throws (important to their testing style) are just "kaitenage #1", "kaitenage #2" etc. For her they found it essential to give nicknames, so that one of the kaitenage became "walking the dog." After a year away from there I still remember "walking the dog" but have no idea about any of the other throws in that series. I really do think in words.

Mary Kaye
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