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Re: gis

Hi Dallas! congratulations on the test!

I own three gi's. One karate gi which I seldom use anymore as it is to small (bought 14 years and twice as many kilos ago). One HEAVY judo-gi which quickly shrunk (sp ?) in the dryer leaving my chest out in the open during practice (aiki-style Tom Jones ?) and finally my new somewhat lighter judo-gi which I am very happy about, allthough it does fit a little bit to tightly around my shoulders.

I used to own a judo-gi died blue for kendo practice but I gave it away when starting Aikido.

I have never lost a gi (yet) but I have mannaged to lose my long white belt on a seminar in Germany which for a while left me with my old short belt. Looked kind of silly with the short ends sticking out.

We used to have a guy in the dojo who had a very small appartment so he dried his gi in the kitchen just above the stove. He loved garlic and he was a smoker and of course there was no ventilation in the kitchen so he was definately NOT my favourite Nage for iriminage.... phew.....

My gi is washed after each training session, except when on camp. During winter I usually put my gi in the dryer for a while and then leave it hanging until it's completely dry. In the summer I try to dry it outside to save the environment, though I must admit I like the softness the dryer can supply.....

By the way: I NEVER wash my gi with fabric softner. It ruins it's ability to soak sweat, it's bad for my allergies and it's virtually impossible to look bad and mean if you smell like 'peaches and spring flowers'

Great subject (very hard to step on anybodys toes in this thread )

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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