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Re: Poll: How helpful is visually examining techniques in learning aikido for you?

Hi all,

I voted 'somewhat helpful' because, although it is wonderful to see a technique demonstrated, I lose a lot in translation. It is one thing to observe another's movements and another thing to observe ones own movements - often the instructor will stop me and point out that I am doing *this*, but the presentation calls for *that*. Which is what I thought I was doing.... ahh well, that's why we train for years and years.

A somewhat related (slightly off topic) is that recently when thinking, 'I have to use my center', 'relax and be sticky', etc. and trying to actually do that, I have been told that I need to do exactly what I have been trying do do... which is a good reminder that I really have no idea what's going on at all!

Hmmm.... overall, I would place the observation of technique in a 'rough idea' category, while feeling technique is where we hone the details.
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