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Ben Eaton
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12 Days of Christmas (Aikido style)

We had our last Aikido lesson before the Christmas break yesterday, and my sensei decided to make it "festive" by doing the 12 Days of Christmas "Aikido Style". But as the class had a limited timespan (otherwise we'd be there for 12 days ) we only got to 5:

1. Partridge in a pear tree - 1st Form Shihonage
2. Two turtledoves - Two hurtful bruvs (Nikyo on two at a time)
3. Three french hens - Three tenkans (from 3 punches)
4. Four calling birds - Four falling bods (bodies - bit of Kokyunage)
5. Five golden rings - Five folding chins (from a punch, a tilt of their chin by five fingers to a fall )

Now imagine a 5th Dan performing and singing this (in rather good tune actually), and imagine the fun we had trying to imitate!
Does anyone else know of any more to make the full 12?

(I don't know if he made it up on the spot but it made for a very enjoyable lesson)
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