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I find this very intresting 'cause I personal shifted from Tae Kwon Do to Aikido. It wasn't volunteer but from doctor's orders (too long story to be told here). I found myself in a position where I used a lot of strenght, and unconciously reacted like I had in Tae Kwon Do. It took me a while to get over it and acquire a move smoother approuch.

I find it a bit offensive towards other martial arts that they are often considered (mainly by aikidokas) to be aggressive and full of steam. Not so. Most martial arts try to achieve the same thing as practitioner of aikido. They just do it with different methods.

As a pretty intresting example of an aikidoka's blindess towards other MAs, I can tell you about an incident that occured in our dojo. My teacher was instructing the class that day and we had several new members. One of them was a formal practitioner of Jujutsu. After one thing lead to another my teacher asked him to come help him show a technique. The attack was a men tsuki (punch to the face). First he showed it very slowly so we could see how it was done. And then he told the man to really throw a punch, so we could see what the technique would look like in action.

WAM! The first flew and knocked my teacher on mat. Almost broke his nose. He simply wasn't able to catch the fist in time, nor did he have time to step away from it.

I have seen several, similar cases, and that has taught me also to respect the practitioners of other martial arts.

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