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Re: Training at Hombu - is it worth it?

A friend of mine, who is 5 dan, had to move to tokyo for his job and often talks about how great training at hombu and other local dojos is. The doshu usually only teaches the morning class. Osaka has it's share of good places to train, but like you said they are all about twice a week. if you want to train elsewhere as a visiter you pay 1000 yen a practice. I've never practiced at hombu, but it's very small. people I know that practice there seem happy enough though. my dojo is rare in that we have 5 practices a week, but unfortuanately there are few serious yudansha. We do have weapons class on saturday morning which is also rare in osaka. Osaka aikikai recently fired the shihan, angering a fair number of people including me, so I'm not really thinking to favorable of them lately.
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