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Re: Training at Hombu - is it worth it?

Joshua Reyer wrote:

Mr. Goldsbury, thanks for your response, I was hoping you'd reply. I'm all too aware of Tokyo/Osaka, Kanto/Kansai rivalries, so no worries on that account. You mention other good places to train, besides Honbu. Could you give some examples? I've poured through pages upon pages of dojo websites via Aikikai's dojo search, but I really need some way to pare it all down.
Hello Joshua,

Well, my very first aikido teacher came from the Shiseikan, which is located in the Meiji Jingu complex. Tanaka Shigeo and Inaba Minoru are the resident shihans and their association with Kisshomaru Ueshiba goes back a long way. Tanaka Sensei goes right back to the Founder and Inaba Shihan trained with the late Seigo Yamaguchi. You can also practice Kashima Shinryu there.

Yamaguchi Sensei is also the reason why Nakao Shihan in Kobe is so good to practise with. Nakao-san used to visit Hiroshima when Yamaguchi Sensei came down to teach here. In the Hombu, some link with Yamaguchi Sensei's aikido can be seen in the keiko of Shihans Endo and Yasuno.

P A Goldsbury
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