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Re: Training at Hombu - is it worth it?

When I lived in Tokyo, I had few problems training at Hombu when I went there, I aways found pleasant people to train with and enjoyed the classes (mainly Doshu and Endo sensei). EVeryone who goes there has different experiences, some good, some bad, but that can happen at any place. If you really want to know, you should go try yourself, go up for a couple of days one week and try it out.

However, if I had a choice (I didn't, my company was based in Tokyo), you found some info yesterday on the Seibukan dojo's website in Kobe, I'd be training there in the blink of an eye. Nakao Sensei is one of the best proponents of the art I've ever had the pleasure of training with. This year is the first in the last 10 that I haven't been able to make a visit to his dojo , am so looking foraward to my trip over in March 2006.



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