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Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

Trevor Wolfe wrote:
Actually what i do is this, I close my eyes and of course put my hands on my stomach and visualize a red glowing energy at my Hara, and I just keep that in mind, and I stay under until I go into a deep state and end up coming out of it unintentionally. It works a bit like waking up without an alarm. This can last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes if I'm not disturbed. Now try to understand that I have been doing this for a couple of years, I let go of trying to visualize and yet the mental belief that I have a glowing sphere in my stomach temporarily becomes a reality because I can now trick my mind. Then I go under, and I never know how long I'll stay under. And then something, perhaps the limits of my ability (that day) after perhaps 30 min comes and I just snap out of it and the way my body reacts is like spasing after hearing someone jump behind me and yelling to scare me. It's one quick full bodied shockwave.

I just want to know, does this mean I've just gotten really good at this, or is this notsogood.
I've never stayed that long, so my ability is not up there yet. From what I've been reading from books and talking to other people, I think what you experienced is normal.

It's not an indication of your ability of "into" it. It's just you have never trained how to "get out" of it. It's a distraction to think about the ending even before beginning. An external device is helpful. In the temple, a bell is ring at fixed interval. Hearing the bell, you can decide either come out or stay in, then wait for the next bell. Of course you can train yourself to come out gradually whenever you want. It's harder though.

Another topic.

I think your ability is up to there now. Probably you want to try something more? I heard that someone can strech time and spend "days" , "weeks" and an extreme case "a life time" in a setting.

Sure, a lot of people against the idea of "trying" something new. They believe it'll come when you're ready. I somehow always think a person need a "guide" internally or externally. The hard part is to choose a guide wisely. It's said some "evil" guide will lead you to unholy places, especailly the internal guide.

Again, I don't have first hand experience. Once I wanted to talk a guide, who I believe is one. She gave me some answer I didn't understand. Apperantly, I wan't ready yet.

Take all my saying with a big grain of salt because of my limited ability. You may have better luck if you talk to the right forum.
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