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Re: To sutemi, or not to sutemi

Sutemi waza has its place, and it is taught at the dojo I train at when I'm home in Seattle. I once reversed a sankkyo with a sutemi waza. Basically I just twisted around, grabbed my partner's lapel with my free hand and dropped. He landed several feet away.

The trick is the timing. If you're too late you're going to get squished. If you're too early it's not going to happen. It's not necessarily a good idea in randori, but I have gotten away with it a couple times. I'm not sure how and I don't recommend it. It's kinda like riding a bike on an icy road without a helmet. You might get away with it, but it's still not a good idea (even if it might seem that way at the time...). And if you try sutemi waza on someone who knows Brazilian jujitsu you're hosed. Unless, of course, you also know Brazilian jujitsu. :P

Oh yeah, and as far as receiving sutemi waza goes, it's a lot less scary if you don't think about it.
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