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Michael Meister
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Re: Poll: How helpful is feeling techniques in learning aikido for you?

Feeling a technique wasn't as important to me as was knowing were to place my hand, foot or whatever part of my body, when I started out with Aikido. However, that was five years ago, and as I progress in my Aikido, feeling does get more important. I think it's a bit like carving a statue. Knowing were to place your feet is like the deft strokes you use at the beginning, until you have the crude form of what you want. But as you get to the core, your motions need to be finer, and sometimes a nearly impercebtible brush over here and there is what makes the difference between something ordinary and a masterpiece.
In Aikido that is the point, where feeling comes in. The part, which is to small to put in terms of put your left here or there, but which actually makes all the difference. I'm just starting to feel, that there is something like that.
I think, most people start out the same, and it doesn't really matter if your Sensai starts out with teaching you step by step, or tries to make you feel the technique from the beginning. You always start to get into the physical position, and as you get near it, you, if your mind is open for it, start to feel it.
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