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Re: To sutemi, or not to sutemi

This week I had a go with a young nidan at my dojo. We went for some fun randori ala judo style i.e, close in, grab, struggle struggle, throw type of randori.

I was in the zone that night and repeatedly throw the nidan like a rag doll. The feeling was great, I did not struggle at all. All I remember was I just went with his flow. He pulled, I followed forward and did things like Tani Otoshi (actually a variation of tenchi-nage), Tai otoshi (kokyu nage in aikido terms).

But the most memorable are when he pushed; I did all the sutemi techniques imaginable; Yoko Ya-ware, Yoko Gake, Yoko Otoshi, Uki Waza etc...It was a great feeling when you are throwing someone like a rag doll and not breaking a sweat doing it. Now I understand the role of kuzushi.

I humbly bow before the beautiful techniques of the Jujutsu sutemi syllabus.


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