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My first karate gi had both the arms ripped off it in a particular session (made me look like an australian footballer). I kept the trousers and wore them recently on a course - forgetting that I have grown a little since then. This meant that I couldn't sit in seiza because they were too tight - they split when I attempted to do some kokyu ho! (luckily I wear a hakama now so it wasn't too revealing).

I now have one ju-jitsu gi (which is great cos the arms are elbow length), and one really good quality judo gi which I have had the arms taken up on. However, what I didn't realise is that really good quality (heavy duty) gi's do not shrink - and therefore it is too large for me (especially the trousers). Therefore I only wear this when I want my shoulders to look big and impressive (it is so stiff that when I move the gi just tends to stay in the same place!)

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