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Re: Quoting O'Sensei

Bratzo Barrena wrote:
Hello Ron So 3 possibilities
1. O'sensei was crazy. I don't think so.
2. O'Sensei was stupid. I really don't think so.
3. O'Sensei did say all those things, but people take them out of context to valid their own personal points of view. I think this is the case (I just did it).Doral FL
Some of O'sensei's great pre-war students also did not buy into his mystical hocus-pocus. Tomiki Kenji-sama and Shioda Goza-sama are two very prominent aikido person who did not seem to buy his mystical ki stuff as well, and they seem to be doing not too bad a job of using aikido when situation dictated.

I shall also be more adventurous today and venture to say that many of the first generation students of O'sensei also think that O'sensei is a bit cuckoo. But they all agree to over-look that little idiosyncrasies and learn the physical aspect of O'sensei's teaching.

I remember in one passage of his autobiography, Aikido Shugyo, Kancho Shioda stated that somewhere when O'sensei was around his late fifties, told Kancho Shioda that his physical training has ended and that he must now train in the more esoteric stuff. That is also the same time when Kancho Shioda left O'sensei's Kobukan and started on his own martial journey, separate from O'sensei's more spiritual path.

Maybe it could also be that O'sensei was just a schizophrenic-mania patient and all his mumbo-jumbo is due to his neurotransmitter in his brain causing havoc. Gasp!

OK OK OK, I am sorry for being sacrilegious... I will do 200 push up using my pinky now. Sorry


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