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Re: Poll: How helpful is feeling techniques in learning aikido for you?

Don J. Modesto wrote:
I came up principally in Saotome schools. He's masterful at imparting the feeling of a technique.

Years later, I find myself inclined to Yoshinkan/Iwama/DR style, "This is where you put your foot"-style teaching. I've benefitted greatly from Mary Heiny's step-by-step instruction as well as Saito's videos.

I find it makes my technique more economical, precise.

In my teaching, I try to give my students the benefit of both--clear instructions and lessons built around the prinicpal so they practice the same thing all class, the same feeling, albeit with different "techniques".

As for me, I came from the opposite direction. From the Yoshinkan style of teaching i.e., "put your foot here, hands 89.995 degrees perpendicular to the mats, feet 57.678 cm apart bla bla bla ...", now my sensei forces us to do lots of randori / jiyu waza and our stance are from shizentai rather than from kamae. And we are loving the free style of doing aikido.

Feeling is very important in teaching / imparting technical knowledge. Try explaining kuzushi by words versus showing kuzushi by action, my vote is on critically important.


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