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Deborah Fisher
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North Brooklyn/Long Island City Dojo

Hello Everyone,

Just started posting again after a 2.5-year hiatus because I am going to get back into training!!

I stopped because I moved from San Diego to NYC, and of course this left me flat broke and busy as a one-armed paper hanger. Now that I am under my feet a little better, I am looking for the ideal dojo situation.

Manhattan unfortunately is out of the question--champagne dues on a beer budget.

I have checked out some dojos in south Brooklyn, and Brooklyn Aikikai was right up my alley. But folks who live in Brooklyn perhaps can understand that choosing this dojo puts me at the mercy of a long ride on the G train at night, and well, G stands for all the grey hair you get waiting for the train at night.

I would love to think that I won't quit even if the commute to the dojo is a bummer... but I would rather just set myself up to succeed if possible. Jun's search engine has yielded nothing.

Anyone know of a (preferably great) dojo in North Brooklyn/Southwestern Queens?
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