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Re: Quoting O'Sensei

"As we all know, O'Sensei's Aikido changed considerably over his lifetime. So might his views have changed."
Answer: of course O'sensei's Aikido changed over time, who said otherwise? But then what is valid? only the last thing he said about Aikido before? Does anyone know what would that phrase be? Would this phrase invalid all the things he said before?

"Without a timeline perspective, or even a frame of reference as to what was being discussed when the quotes were taken, such comparisons might be skewed. It also might be counterproductive to assume that what you think he meant was actually what he meant."

By the way, my point was exactly that, that there's no reference of context (timeline, subject of comment, etc) when quoting OSensei.

"He often spoke in terms difficult to understand. One must also allow that two statements, even if contradictory, might BOTH be of value. Just my opinion, of course."

No body said because they're contardictory they're not valid, ALL depends on CONTEXT, did you read the thread? read it again.

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