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Congratulations, Dallas. Anne Marie, you will love the bu jin women's top. They are so nice, the only problem is you won't want to wear you other gi's.

I own five gi's, I'm afraid...three light weight ones (great for summer and travel to seminars)and two heavy ones for winter. Since I usually go to class every day I like to have enough so I only have to do wash every two or three days--- especially at seminars (I need one for each session). Oh, I dry them in the dryer.

I guess the only funny thing I can think of is when I was wearing the thick (i.e. Male style---to fit length, you could literally put three of me inside) gi. I wear my belt low (for a female) so if it is pulled up to my waist it is quite loose. I was working with one of our instructors, and as he grabbed my shoulders from behind he pulled my top right off of me. He quickly regained his advantage by moving forward and wrapping the top around me like a straight jacket. Pinning me quickly to the ground, he pulled one side across my throat and quietly said "duct tape this to to yourself..."
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