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I have two gis. One is a cheap lightweight karate gi which is great for hot and humid Florida. The other one is a judo gi.

My only complaint is that since I'm large chested finding a gi that fits is almost impossible unless I pay for a custom gi or get my tops tailored. You see, if I get it to fit my chest its so big in my shoulders that I look 300lbs. Also they usually fit too tight in my hips as well. I'm not a small woman but I don't like looking bigger than I have to. I don't like the fact that gis are usually measured for height and don't take in account width and womanly figures.

The only reasonable alternative I've found is bujin design. I've just ordered a woman's dogi and crossing my fingers that it will fit.

As to your other questions:
Have I lost a gi? nope.
Do I have any funny stories? not really.
How did I dry it? In the dryer.

Anne Marie
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