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Re: What's your thoughts?

David Valadez wrote:
I'm with Jorge here too - I'd have to say this is more common than most think and/or certainly expect. Without taking anything away from the downer that your story truly is - I mean, what a bummer/ I feel for you - my own story too kind of makes yours look like a fairytale. :-)

I think Ron's advice is sound on its own, but it becomes even more sound because it won't have you relying on the perceived good graces of another - another that just may not be as "developed" as you may imagine and/or developed toward seeing your issue in your own way and/or as even seeing your issue as relevant to their existence. In fact, in 20 plus years of training now, I've only seen it happen one time when the higher ranked authority figure came to the aid of some regular deshi. Most times it's just not big enough an issue for them to get involved and/or they don't see it as something they should get involved in. The Truth or one's capacity to understand the Truth, and one's commitment to the Truth (one's commitment to act in line with the Truth), are measured by separate values. Most big wigs survive as big wigs precisely because they have let a great many abuses of the Truth go "unnoticed." For better or for worse, this is federation life, and this is why I am now an independent. In my experience, independence allows more easily for one to combine a value for the Truth with a commitment to the Truth.

Good luck whatever you decide - I'm sorry you had to go through that. It truly is a shame. Hang in there.
Thank you David. One of my worries is if I get involved with an organization, I'll loose the Aikido I have learned and have to replace it with someone else's. I'm under O Sensei, not Gozo Shioda, and don't wish to change that (I respect both of these men, but was brought up in my aikido studies with O Sensei's portrait on the wall). Hopefully it won't have an affect on much. I know Yoshinkan is under Gozo Shioda, And Nihon Goshin, which had an influence in my style, is under Shoto Morita. But for various reasons my school only had O Sensei in the Shomen area. Again Thanks.

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