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Ben Eaton wrote:

I've been reading this thread, and have been trying to find exactly what this "style" of Aikido is and how it differs from the style I learn in my dojo, which my sensei tells me is traditional aikido.

Could anyone tell me what style is on the program (assuming the same that Donovan Waite Sensei practises), and how it differs from traditional Aikido?

It is the "typical" techniques of the United States Aikido Federation, eastern region. As already mentioned Donovan Waite's lineage began with Chiba in Great Britain and then he moved to New York where he trained under Yamada Sensei. His aikido defnently reflects Yamada sensei's but he, as well as the other sensei at his level (Konisberg, Bernath, etc.), have developed his "own" aikido.

I have been to his seminars and most recently he taught a class at out dojo while he visiting Ft. Lauderdale. He has a very kind demeanor and is a very approachable person. He teaches clearly and takes the time to go from student to student to explain the techniques in more detail. Hardly a stuff "air" about him. He is also more well known for his ukemi videos.

Anne Marie Giri
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