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Re: What's your thoughts?

Completely understandable Clark, I also would hesitate in offering too much advise only hearing one side . As I've said I in no way think of my former Sensei in a bad way, his dojo was just not a path I could continue on. Regardless of the things that happened he is still the reason for me being at the level of understanding I'm at today. And Thank you.

Thanks Pete, I think his small Aiki just shifted to karate. At first Aikido was his core art, he did that a while, and now Karate is his core art. He always told me never to teach something my heart isn't entirely into, and what I seen from the last few classes I was there, he wasn't teaching, just reading names of techniques off a sheet, when someone had a question grabbing one of his seniors and saying work with him/her.... But as I've said his decision, his Dojo, his rules. I'm not gonna look at this as a bad experience...but just an experience in general... Thank you Pete.

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