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Re: Aikido3D

I just got Aikido3d a couple of days ago and I must say I love the product. As other people mentioned, it would be nice if it had more techniques in it but I say this is a great start to an awesome product.
At our dojo we do some slightly different variations of some of techniques and generally practice some other techniques that were not included in Aikido3D. Perhaps newer verisons of the program will cover more techniques. Overall I think this was a great investment. I took the laptop to the Dojo yesterday and showed the program to the sensei and other students. They were very impressd with it and that day we even tried the (different) variations of some of the techniques presented on Aikido3D. I'm glad I purchased this product and believe other students from my dojo will end up purchasing it.

Hope this review helps other people considering this product.
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