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Re: Religion and Aikido

Joshua Paszkiewicz wrote:
"would Jesus practice Aikido?" Who knows...but they do fit together. Jesus always acted with compassion, love, kindness, courtesy, and humility. These are both the basic and most advanced princibles in Aikido. ... Aikido is what you take it to be from the teaching that is there. --Joshua paszkiewicz
Thanks Joshua.

I was struck in rereading this, that the Doka for today (thanks, Jun!), speaks to this quite eloquently.

The Pine, the Bamboo, and the Plum.
The make up of Ki that we are training to purify
From where do they arise?
The Water and Fire of the change in the self.

Two observations:

This doka resolves objections that aikido training (or any work of self-improvement) creates spiritual value in itself. O-Sensei makes clear that spiritual value is there all along, untouched, in all things (symbolized by the three trees) We simply have to clear away the rubbish for it to shine out in its original brightness.

The last line shows how to grasp this value by twofold means, a dual baptism, of both water and fire. (This is too explicitly Christian in feeling to need much further comment, even though the symbolism is quite universal.)

Whether a person or sword, water covers, cleanses and tempers; fire makes dull iron bright and lumninous, sharing the nature of fire, destroying its impurity and without changing its own nature.

And, oh yes -- as to both people and swords -- much beating is also required.

Let the beatings continue, then ...

Erick Mead
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