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Re: Ukemi vs. Protecting your attacker

Bratzo Barrena wrote:
Answer; of course there are diffrent ways to properly performed a technique, I didn't say they weren't.
Your right. You didn't say that in so many words. Instead you said:
... you will certainly cause a lot of harm. It's unavoidable, considering you perform the technique properly
So do you disagree that it is possible to perform a technique properly on an untrained uke without causing (unavoidable) harm?
How many of you would you be willing to perform a technique, properly done, on a new student?
I have to do it all the time. It's called "teaching."


P.S. I figure you do a lot of copy/paste like the rest of us. If you make sure a quotable block ends with a closing "[/quote]" tag, your posts will appear as the way (I think) you intended.
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