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Re: Ukemi vs. Protecting your attacker

[quote=Adam Bauder] That sounds a tad bit absolute to me. There are many "proper" ways to perform a technique without hurting the attacker.

Answer; of course there are diffrent ways to properly performed a technique, I didn't say they weren't. So by properly I mean, using Aikido principle, correct posture, timing, control, unbalancing, etc. Didn't ean or suggested that the way I do it is the only proper way.
So of course in class we have time to stop, wait for uke to adjust his/her body, tell him her, which foot to move, in which directioon to bend, yeah is 100% safe, but just doing the technique and expecting taht for the 'magic' of Aikido nobody gets ever hurt, is foolish.

[quote=Adam Bauder] And that last part between the parenthesis -- what exactly do you mean by that?

Answer: I meant that not performimg your technique properly just to take care of uke is silly, there are save ways of training without disrupting proper technique. just have to expalin and wait for unexperienced uke to adjust.

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