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A different kind of ukemi

I have to fire somebody today.A [person I care a great deal about. A person I have been actively mentoring from high school through graduate school. A person who has always liked and respected me, regardless of my behavior or attitude, which is all I could ask from any friend.
And for varying reasons, we have to let her go.I am being cowardly enough to ask my business partner to be the Bad Guy, they have no personal history ,so it should be easier for both of them,but i feel like a total coward.
My challenge, as I see it, is to stay open to the upset, the recrimination,the anger , the sense of betrayal that I feel is going to come my way. Can I let it in wothout becoming defensive, without needing to justify or come up with a rational explanation. Can I let her hate me without resenting her subjectively justified anger?
Can a friendship be salvaged after a business relationship goes to hell?
I am the attacker here. I need to let her say what she Needs to say, and leave it at that. No reversals, no resistance.
This is not exactly something I think is going to help me with my test tomorrow. Then again, maybe this Is my test.
But I feel terrible about it.


"It is not wise to be incautious when confronting a little smiling bald man"'- Rule #1
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