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Re: Poll: How helpful are verbal instructions in learning aikido for you?

Ted Ehara said; "You cannot assume that if there is a problem, there must be only one solution."

Now I can agree completely, and add that if there is learning to be done there might not be only one approach. The western way has brought us technological might, but our families are failing. I've never been to China, but In Rome I saw people playing with kids and dogs, and not a Gameboy in sight.

When my toilet backs up I think about the dwv stack, the new plumbing run the contractors installed, siphonage, gravity and lubrication with soap. Ah, roots in the main run -- need lye, problem solved.

When I consider aikido I use the intuitional part of my brain -- the part that can't speak, doesn't know what day it is, but knows how to defeat my wife's tomcat in a fight (sometimes, he's pretty tough). I had the honor of teaching a friend koshi nage for his nikyu test. This past Friday night he threw ‘big joe' and said "I couldn't feel any weight!" I told him he was learning it the right way. No analysis required.

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