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Derek Gaudet
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Re: What's your thoughts?

David Yap wrote:
Hi Joe,

Surprising? Not at all, especially when MA is a livelihood to those affected. For some, MA is their success stories but others who didn't quite make it - regret and frustrations and loss of self-esteem.

Hi Derek,

My advice - train and enjoy the art. Train with Kevin Blok sensei and let him be the judge (of your character and skill). As for you wanting to be a full time instructor (at shodan) - my advice is DON'T.

Best training

David Y
I was trying to reply to you guys earlier but for some reason I couldn't make it to not found or some nonsense like that...
I agree completely, teaching at shodan full time wouldn't be wise. My former instructor opened up at Nidan (now yondan), and it was hard enough then. I had planned on moving up the ranks a bit first, but as you see, was cut short. I will still do this on my own somehow, probably traveling to get tested. That's how Sensei moved up the ranks after Nidan. Sensei also said we were the "last of our line". Which makes it all the more interesting , Our style in a mix between Aiki kai, and Nihon Goshin, so our curriculum is far off from what might be expected of me from Blok Sensei, or many others for that matter. We did little Jo work, and I know what the techniques from the aikikai general curriculum are, but don't recall doing most of them, at least the way they are done there.
The way my Jujutsu instructor is working out is for me to go to a big martial arts event next year with him to meet with or be tested by Blok Sensei, hopefully to him Aikido is Aikido, and me not knowing the Yoshinkan or Aikikai curriculum, the way it's meant to be, strongly won't effect this... otherwise I have a lot of work ahead of me , but hey that's half the fun right?

As for teaching someday, luckily Me and a Jujutsu student are putting on a demonstration this year at the university of jujutsu and Aikido, so I'll get to see what kind of interest there is....

Kind Regards,
Derek Gaudet
Goshin Aikido
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