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Re: Poll: How helpful are verbal instructions in learning aikido for you?


Thanks for answering. I almost agree completely.

I spent hours thinking about problems in judo during the long winters outside Chicago when I was studying it in high school. I thought visually, and I 'felt' my body doing technique and failing in technique - my 'analysis' was really intuitive meditation, not if-then logical reasoning.

I don't think Chinese inquiries into nature are a failure. Their paradigm allows them to solve problems that western science can not. I practice Chi Kung to heal a very serious injury, that my local physician 'can't see'. I am a trained scientist, but feel that not all inquiries are best done with the analytical mind.

Give Caesar his due, in my opinion. Please share your thoughts. This is an area I've been applying myself to for a few years, and I'm probably wrong, or treading well worn paths.

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