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Re: Ukemi vs. Protecting your attacker

It's a mith that an Aikidoka can perform a technique on someone who doesn't know how to take ukemi and cause no harm on the attacker.
that's just not true.
Ukemi is the ability of uke to receive a technique in a safe manner. Now not only Aikidokas can do ukemi, maybe, someone trained in other art or sensitive enough to movement can adjust his/her body to receive a technique. Ukemi is not exclusive of Aikido. Aikido has some safe ways of receiving a technique, and other arts may have their own ways too.
Having said that, if you perform a technique on someone with no training in ukemi at all, or not sensitive enough to movement, so he/she can adjust his/her body, you will certainly cause a lot of harm. It's unavoidable, considering you perform the technique properly and don't loose the proper form just to avoid injuring the attacker (which in itself is a mistake).
I'll just ask. How many of you would you be willing to perform a technique, properly done, on a new student?
And whe I mean properly done, I mean with the correct angles, speed, momentum, extension, etc.
Don't you think in Aikido we train ukemi exactly for that reason? Don't you think Ukemi exists because otherwise would be too dangerous? Of course, the reason ukemi exist is because Aikido techniques are very dangerous and very harmful if you don't know how to receive them

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