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It might be slightly off topic, but since when did that stop conversations on this site? My question did flow from your comments which were your basis for not testing.

Why just ikkyu or dan grades? Simply because at least in my school more responsibility comes with rank. And as there is more responsibity I'm sure more committment to the organization which we belong might be expected. However with less responsibility there is the less the need for commmiting to an organization. I'm 4th kyu. I don't have any pressure to commit to the organization my school is a part. Heck, I don't even know what the "core values" are except for training hard and learning. So if I have a differing opinion on how things are organized or based, I don't feel compelled to forward them if I test for a low kyu grade where at a higher rank I might.

So that's why I ask. It's not a personal attack. I'm just trying to better understand you.

Anne Marie Giri
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