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Re: Lack of Spiritual teaching in Japan?

Lee Price wrote:
Hello Nekobaka (nice name..chuckle)

Well I`ve been here 4 years...trained in various dojo`s and styles and have also never had any form of spiritual teaching either. Focus is purely technique/martial.

For most people here it`s little more than a hobby...I guess things are taken more seriously in the States

I think this may be due to the fact that the spiritual aspects will naturally develope withen each individual with continued dedication and practice. This is what makes a practicinoer a master in his/her own right. You see, my teacher Shintaku-hanshi talks about Ki and using your spirit to your full pottential in this way you will come to understand. you see i could talk and talk about the spiritual side of martial arts or budo as a whole, or even just specific to
But to truly understand you must make the concepts and inner teachings your own, to truly understand and be able to utilize them.
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--Joshua Paszkiewicz
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