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Because I like to practice Aikido, and I've also become fond of most of my fellow students and very much enjoy training with them. Many of the schools in my area are from the same organization, so just moving dojos doesn't solve the central problem.

As I've said in other posts, I think there are a lot of approaches to Aikido, and I have no trouble accepting there are those that are not what I believe. If it is what brings others to Aikido, it is good. But that doesn't mean I can accept those beliefs as my own.

As just a student, and everyone's kohai, it is OK if I don't believe the company policy, as no one will ask me what I think about it. But before moving up the food chain in an organization, you need to be able to embrace the core values; so until (if) that happens for me, I'm not ready to test here.
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