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Dear Jun,

Yes, I was talking about Nishio Sensei. Well, one more interesting point: some month before this seminar my local sensei told me that I could start wearing a hakama ( I didnīt had to look at me feet anymore...), but it would have taken some time to get one and I didnīt feel ready yet. So I did the first seminar with gi only. I trained there with several people who were the kind of sempai we are talking about. All were male and wearing hakamas.
The next seminar with Nishio Sensei was some days later in another city. The local dojo planned to split the group into an advanced and a beginners class. At this time, no student in our group had been graduated because we have no opportunities for an examination. To avoid discussions I was given a spare hakama. It was really interesting to see what happened. All of the above mentioned sempai didnīt want to train with me anymore but most of the time looked straight for other people wearing only gi. No need for comments, I think.


"You have to do difficult things to grow." (Shoji Nishio Sensei)
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